Friday, August 13, 2010

After a short but productive summer break, we are getting ready to open back up for our annual couples weekend at the Ranch. This summer was hotter than most but still the Ranch and our lush gardens seem to thrive in the heat. Our new flower garden is just beautiful. Our friend and neighbor Gordon Gilmore and his wife Wanda are responsible for the beauty there. Zinnia's, sun flowers, four o'clocks , holly hocks and more just exploding with color. Jeroch, our staff landscaper and soul flower has been maintaining everything else. He too has a way with the rooted beings. I have seen him from time to time whispering poetry to them. Jeroch is responsible for the amazing flower arrangements and I do believe that his soul and the flowers souls are related in some way.

This is our big Couple's Weekend at FPR. The week before we open for couples weekend is always very busy. It's not like we save it all to the last minute.... some things just have to be done a few days before like the flowers, the picking up of the fresh Blocks Bagels, the rearranging of classrooms, landscaping, food prep, travel arrangements for musicians and more. I'm not sure why, but this year there is less stress associated with the last minute details.

On Wednesday John showed up with our new replacement flags for the flag pole that Jorma's Mom bought for the Ranch when we first we opened. These weren't ordinary run of the mill flags, they're embroidered and made of a thick wind resistant fabric. One POW flag and one American flag. And what's more they were hand picked by John's father, Ray Hurlbut who served in the Navy in World War II. Ray is like my father. He is a member of that ever diminishing Greatest Generation. Jorma's father and his 2 uncle's were in that great company. They are gone now but Ray is still here keeping the faith on a daily basis. I feel compelled to mention that one of our daughters names is Lucy after John's Mom. They are just as much a part of the Ranch as the staff that works for us today. I fly our new flags for them this weekend. Long may they wave.

I'll close this very brief blog this morning (students are arriving) to just say that is the great people in my life like Ray and Lucy, their son John, my amazing staff, Jorma and I could go on, that have carried me when I could not carry myself. I am forever grateful for their love and guidance. They all Rock The House!!!!!!