Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just a very quick note here today everyone.....I am on the road for the holiday and looking forward to the break. I wanted to acknowledge how thankful I am since 'tis the season to do so. Being grateful is something I try to be everyday. Sometimes I fall short but for the most part, I try to recognize all of the good things around me.

This year we/the band/Jorma had the pleasure of working with Skoota Warner. Hot Tuna's new drummer...yeah!!!! Skoota came to us through Jorma's agent, Seth Rappaport. A phone call about how great Skoota was and then a phone call to Skoota. Sight unseen for the band and Skoota, they decided to work together. For us it was a match made in heaven. Not only is Skoota a fantastic musician but he is a great soul. His gratitude is evident and he spreads it around like the wind. The moment we met....I felt his divine grace. If that wasn't a drummer, he is the best I have seen play with Hot Tuna.

This is going to be a great tour ( on the 4th and 5th of December Skoota will join the band along with another Master, G.E Smith. G.E is one of Jorma's favorite guitar players...and mine too! We are grateful to Seth for hooking us up with Skoota and to G.E. for all that he has given us over the years. G.E. has been teaching at the ranch since the beginning and now he and Jorma are going to perform a weeks worth of dates out west in February ( Can you tell I am grateful? I hope so....there are so many people in my life that are responsible for the gifts I keep receiving......a simple thank you doesn't seem enough....but thank you....and a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. May you be surrounded with the people you love and if that is not possible, then may you find joy in giving back........



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  1. Dear Vanessa,how are You? And Tiny Dancer Butterfly Izze? I hope I'm doing this thing right. It's great to read youe blog, i love the way You write, it is so pure it feels like moving in a diamond room, the reflection makes examine one's conscience, that's how i felt this morning anyway. I told Rosa abt your blog and since she's now living just close to Montalto di Castro where You were last summer i'll translate all what You write and email her, she wants it she needs it, like me though. I'm ever so grateful, in words, You share your values & principles, but i'm sure the light on return will be visible, You already made two more persons better than yesterday, me and Rosa, be blessed! Really thanks also for showing Skoota and G.E. for what their face is, my heroes begin to take shape in my eyes. Love from Rosa. Really really thanks Vanessa, all my love to Incredible Izze and blessings to You. Carlo