Friday, May 7, 2010

I've taken a few days off from the Ranch to come to NYC to see Jorma play the City Winery and to have a few adventures with Izze. I have experienced one evacuation of Time Square and a traffic tie up that left us inching our way four blocks that took about 45 minutes. Ahhh New York....always an adventure. Makes me wonder just a little why I leave my heaven on earth in Ohio. Traveling isn't always this way....but it is challenging now a days. I know I sound like my parents...but it's true. You get older and those simple things in life just seem so much more necessary. I will always love traveling but I just don't need all of the bells and whistles anymore. Just a simple trip will do.

It got me thinking about how I am today and how I have been in the past....not just me but with Jorma too. There's so much you see in each other when you are cooped up in a hotel room or tour bus. I decided to write down all of things things you might not know about him.....I'll get to me later. So, I'll bet you didn't know that:

1. Jorma always gets choked up over the National matter who is singing it
2. When Jorma's electronics like phones, computers, etc. don't work....he doesn't work very well.
3. Jorma loves burgers....but only with lettuce and pickles....NO KETCHUP!!!
4. He has to take a nap every day don't want to know.....
5. He loves Hershey Chocolate bars....but really likes M&M's with Peanuts
6. He will drink hotel room coffee.....
7. He eats really fast
8. He changes the strings on his guitar every day
9. He likes a good sappy country song
10. War...any war....makes him weep but he still watches television shows about them because he is a history buff

I thought about listing a whole bunch of things about me...and I did, but then deleted them. I'll just say that I'm a work in progress and if I can just keep my side of the street clean...I'll be alright someday.....


  1. I knew all of those things about Jorma except that he drinks hotel room coffee? That's over the top weird especially since you, well, wouldn't even consider that.
    I share with him....#'s 1, 2, 7 and 9.

  2. I share #1 with him, LOVE the peanut M&M's, get poison ivy EVERY year, dance EVERY day and own 3 hula hoops........and looking for my next!!
    I guess Jorma's the guy to teach me how to change MY guitar strings!!!

  3. Wow that's great insight. I leave for the ranch tomorrow so I suppose I will have to bring a bag of Peanut M&Ms with me.

    More importantly now I am compulsed to change my strings before I head out in the morning on my 10 hour drive from Long Island.

    Looking forward to spending a few days in your paradise.

    "Paradise I'm living for each and every day"


  4. Hey, I see nothing quirky in the Jorma list. It's all good.