Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I just got back from a week away on the coast of Maine. I have family there and spent my summers not far from there in the mountains of New Hampshire. My brother came up from Connecticut with all of his kids, their kids and their families that included grand nieces, grand nephews, second cousins and in-laws. It was an unexpected melding of personalities and hearts. We played in the waves, took long barefoot walks on the beach, enjoyed meals together and laughed like we were kids. It was so good to see Izze playing with cousins she had never met. They were instant family....especially when it came time to share buckets and shells and the best piece of driftwood on the beach. The search for hermit crabs on the rocks by all the young kids was so sweet to watch. It was brilliant innocence. No tears.....no fear...just safe...calm and sincere. I felt like I was dreaming at one point...trying to capture it on my IPhone...then just standing there with my heart full. That moment alone was worth the airport travel, standing in line for a rental car and the stress of leaving the comfort of your space for a week.

I have another family at the Fur Peace Ranch....not relatives....but a close group of people nonetheless. I know that for some it is probably just a job but it was never that for me and Jorma. Sometimes I think it is an art to maneuver your way around everyone's like and dislikes. But it all good. In some ways, I love them like I love my own family. Maybe that's why it all works. I don't really know. I know that when we are all there working together on whatever project, I stand back and feel that same full heart like I did on the beach.

It's good to leave my comfort zone every once in awhile. To put myself out there away from my own reality. What emails? What schedule? These unexpected moments are the stuff that matters. The time I have spent scheduling my "human doings" has probably resulted in me missing some of this. My own reality today is filled with joy. Joy for it all as it touches my heart.


  1. Living in the moment, that's where life really is. We forget that sometimes, and it is truly joyous when we remember. Thank you for this moment of reading... Mary :)

  2. I love Izze's haircut, very cute. Montana looks like a giant amongst all those little people! :) Sounds like it was a wonderful trip. I love New England, it can take you back in time, in many ways. Hope all the children bring back great memories of the place and the people!

    One Love


  3. Vanessa, I love your blog!
    you are a great writer and the love really shines throught. Thanks.
    Ellen Lifson