Friday, April 9, 2010

Thank God I have John Hurlbut to hip me to such cool music. My music library it very diverse and of course I have some great Reggae because of Hurl. Believe it or not...Jorma and I listen to much different music. Jorma’s got some great stuff but I go to John when I want something new to listen to. I just read John’s blog to see what he was listening now I am listening to it.

It occurred to me that my world of music outside the Fur Peace Ranch is all about the world seen through the eyes of Israel, my four year old. She has great taste in her music. It is kids music though so I have had to get used to laughing all the way through a song. Some of our favorites are Randy Kaplan’s, "Shampoo Me" and "The Ladybug Without Spots". In case you are not familiar with him, Randy Kaplan blends folk, American roots, alternative, and pop music in his songs for kids…..and anyone who can stand it. He also adapts Tin Pan Alley gems, Broadway numbers, Rock classics, and Delta Blues songs. They are all catchy tunes and many of his folk songs for kids are honest and pure and they brighten my world when I am driving Izze around town. One of the funniest songs that I have heard on her kids radio channel (Kids Place Live on Sirius) is The Folsom Day Care Blues. Sung to the tune of Johnny’s Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues ...

When I was just a baby, my mamma told me son….
play nice with other children share your toys with everyone.
Well, I pushed a toddler over just to watch him fall.
Well, I’m here in Folsom Daycare ...
and it’s no fun at all.
I hear the teacher comin’ and I hang my head an cry...
and there’s more but I think you get the idea. Izze didn’t think it was as funny as I did.

On a more serious note, Israel really loves all kinds of music and since she’s with me all of the time….she gets to hear some great stuff. She loves Bob Marley and thinks that Gregory Issacs has the most beautiful voice. Good taste! The good news is that it is all joyful. I am so lucky to have been brought up with music as part of my life all day every day. My father was a country western singer and I got to hear some of the great old country music from the 30’s and 40’s….crooners I have a thing for voices. I learned how to yodel at a very young age (no I won’t yodel for you if you ask) and my Dad taught me how to break a falsetto at the age of 6. We struggled to find a common meeting ground as parent and child. He passed several years ago and we still had not become close but I owe everything to him for exposing me to the guitar before I could walk. So, it was because of him that the Ranch even exists. I am continually reminded of the blessings that have been bestowed on me...

If you are wondering about the father is the cowboy in the top left.



  1. well, there's a bucket o' tears for ya.

    [just watched 'Walk the Line"...again.]
    Would like to hear that Folsom Daycare Blues...maybe Iz will pack it for her next trip east.

  2. nice, very nice. I want the CD for Folsom Daycare Blues!
    Hey can you forward me a copy of that pic so I can print it on photo paper?

  3. if any one wants to hear the song they can go here:

    good to hear that Iz loves her some music!